The band Started in Winder, Ga in 2014 when Brandon decided to form a group based on a sound he loved, stemming from various time periods, influences, and not necessarily limited one one particular genre. shortly after he met the guys in Omnipresent and began playing with them, Kyle agreed to come aboard for the Plain Janes project. Needing talent at bass guitar to round out the sound, Dalton came aboard shortly after. Not limiting themselves to one particular genre, the Plain Janes are coming up with anything from Country, to blues/rock, to alternative. Currently in the studio working the bands first country album with TruMuzik, they want to be sure to stay true to their rock roots and maintain a sound that will pull from more genres than just country, and several time periods. Make sure to check out what ever comes next! The band plays often in the Atlanta to Athens area, for festivals to private parties to the larger venues.