For as long as he can remember music has been an integral part of Brennan's life, far before he started to become a musician. Growing up, his mom always had classic rock playing around the house and his dad always listened to country music. He grew fonder of country music but his mom and her side of the family is where my musical soul came from. Her father (grandpa) was a bluegrass fiddle player from Missouri who had a huge impact on not only his music but his life as well. He started playing guitar right before high school and didn't start singing until he was almost out of high school. Since then, it has become my his goal to be able to play music forever. He's been playing professionally for about 3 years now by myself and with The Blue Ridge Bandits in Clemson, South Carolina. He's played for just about any event you could think of that would possibly have live music, and events that shouldn't of had live music but nonetheless will take whatever chance he can to play. Brennan's shows consist of some originals and covers; he has a repertoire of over 200 songs ranging across almost all genres. When he plays , he play's for the crowd and no show is ever the exact same, so there is always something to look forward to.