YARDCALL was raised in "Wilco", or "The County" as most people know it, located in Middle Georgia. Being Raised on Southern Rock and Blues music, he has many influences. Stevie Ray Vaughn has been the theme music for much of his life. EightBall, MJG, and UGK are his biggest influences in Rap music. Why the name YARDCALL? A good friend named him YARDCALL back in 2000 and it stuck. What is Yard Call? Well, it's recreational time in jail, but it's also a great hand in the card game of Spades. If you make a "Yard Call", then you have a great hand. To him it means a lot more. That is to say we are only given one life to live. You are in it 100%. There's no half way. To live your life bound by fear is to not live at all." - YARDCALL A new attutude and return to his rural roots means he's sure to make a splash with his blending of the Outlaw Country and Rap generes. If you haven't seen or heard him yet.. He's coming STRAIGHT OUT THE WOODS!