Brandon grew up on a cotton farm in Central California. Yes, California does have farms, it’s not all palm trees and movie stars. He spent countless hours as a kid riding the tractor or cotton picker with his Grandfather, until he was old enough to drive one on his own. He worked for him on the farm until his passing. His grandfather taught him invaluable life lessons about working hard, respecting your elders and believing in yourself. The greatest thing his grandfather told him was “Don’t think there’s anything you can’t do”. His love of music started at an early age. His Grandmother would often tell a story about her taking him to the Mall shopping when he was a kid. She said he would sing from one end of the Mall to the other, His favorite song at the time “Like A Rhinestone Cowboy”. As an adult, God’s gifting of music was evident in Brandon's life and he began singing for the Worship Team, which he continued to do for over 25 years. He then moved to Georgia in 2021 and is loving the South. Now he has decided to branch out and pursue becoming a solo musician. His hope is that the music he performs brings as much joy to the people listening as it brings to him performing.