Dooley & Baldwin were unknown until 2020 when they made their debut online during covid at the Historic Athens Porchfest where they received the fourth highest views among 44 acts. At first blush, they are firmly situated in the country rock category with recordings reminiscent of the British invasion of the late 1960s. However, a deeper dig into their debut EP, "Welcome to Dawgtown", and the their latest album, "Rant", and you'll find Dooley & Baldwin keeping their audience engaged through peppering their set lists with a dash of Americana and alternative country. The band is a unique gathering of scholars as Ashton Dooley and Norman Baldwin both hold Ph.D.'s, their bass player, Dror Arussi, is completing his doctorate in music with a specialization in guitar, and their drummer, Phil Marston, is a product of the famed Berklee School of Music. However, don't be lulled into thinking Dooley and Baldwin is a band full of introverted, pointed-headed academics. They pride themselves in being a fun band encouraging their audiences to sing along, dance, and, overall, treat the evening as a celebration.

The bands has performed around the Athens area at No. 3 Railroad St., Athens-Clarke County Library Concert Series, The International Grill and Bar, numerous Hendershot’s Open Mic Nights, Akademia Brewing Company, Athentic Brewing Company, Southern Brewing Monroe, Creature Comforts Brewery, Boutier Winery & Inn, Historic Athens Porchfest (2021, 2022), Athfest 2023, and Terrapin Brewing.

The band plays mostly country esp classic country like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, Sr and Johnny Cash to 90s country like Zac Brown Band.