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On a monthly basis, spotlights a Georgia artist that we feel is furthering their career in country music. Below is our current artist of the month. We hope you enjoy reading their interview and getting to know this artist more. Be sure to check out their music, videos and schedule for the month. If you are a Georgia-based artist, 18 and over, and would like to be considered for Artist of the Month, please contact us with your name and a website to review.

Our October Artist of the Month is Luke Martin. Below is our interview with him as he talks about his music and career.

GC: Lets get Georgia familiar with you. Tell us where you were born, raised and currently family life?

LM: Born and Raised in Ellaville, GA little small town 1 hour north of Albany and about an hour south of Macon . Graduated from Schley County High School 2008 . Attended South Ga Technical College for 2 Years and graduated with an Associates degree in Heavy Equipment Dealer Service Technician. Worked at Yancey Bros. Caterpillar in Albany Ga for 3 years before returning to the family business of Logging for Pineoak Products Inc. Which my granddaddy owns . During which time I had already began my music career . I currently still live in Ellaville and am engaged to a beautiful woman who is the love of my life and we will be getting married in May of 2016 . We have a beautiful little girl named Rylan Jean Martin born March , 21st 2015 . They are my biggest fans.

GC: Garth Brooks was an early influence on you. What about him appealed to you most?

LM: The energy the humble character he is . His music and songwriting . I've been a fan since I was born in 1989 . To me there's people who play and sing then there's people who entertain and perform . There's a million people out there who can sing but there's far less people who can put you in their story by the way they sing it and perform it and that's why he's an idol to me . He uses the stage the lights the music the crowd the environment everything to put on the best show possible and it gets you and that's what I strive to do is pull people into my story.

GC: Was there any one point in your life that you KNEW you wanted to be a country singer?

LM: Well I would say that I've always dreamed of it but not until I was 20 when I decided that I'd give it a shot I couldn't play an instrument but my buddies did so I said I'd sing so I did and the rest is history.

GC: What influences you most in your original music?

LM: Everything really . I've always had a very creative mind . Poetry short stories and such have always been very easy to me . I try to use real life experience to write sometimes it's mine or someone else . Something I read or heard someone say a feeling an idea anything there's no real instructions for songwriting you just do it and go with but keep it real make It mean something to yourself or someone else I try to always strive to effect someone in done way with my songs . Emotion emotion emotion emotion.

GC: What current country acts influence you most and how?

LM: A lot of them . Aldean Luke Swindell , they always just go for it on their live shows and I dig that a lot but I also like the people they are behind the music I like the stories behind the songs . Pretty much anyone that works hard to do this deal I respect and I take something from every artist I've ever seen national or local . The Lacs really have a big influence because they came from a small town they didn't have a lot of money or people giving them hand outs they had a dream that no one else believed in and they went for it . Now they sell out shows nation wide not to mention. We wrote a pretty cool song together called Goin Deep yeah I like all kinds of music .

GC: You play often. What is your favorite place to play and why?

LM: Any where there's people who wanna hear music and have a good time . Cypress Grill it's close to home it's by the river . It's the place to be in the summer time around my town . It's definitely a stop on our schedule every year.

GC: Fun question. What was the funniest incident on stage with the band?

LM: We were playing at a ATV park in Valley Grande, AL near Selma in 2014 and during the show intro the band was rocking to the opening song and I slipped and fell through. The ramps on the trailer walking up busted my shin open . Hurt like hell.

GC: If you could open up for any past or present act, who would that be and why?

LM: Garth Brooks hands down I meant who wouldn't wanna do that . Huge crowd big stage pretty much every artist dream.

GC: If you had just ONE wish for your career, what would that be?

LM: To be able to do this for a living to write perform my songs and make a living doing it. But really to stand on a stage with my guitar and hear 50,000 people sing my song word for word and just stand there it would be so surreal.

GC: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

LM: To finish out the years shows strong and with a bang . We are taking off the month of December, so spending time with the 2 women of my life is definitely in the cards . Do some hunting and probably some golfing a new hobby of mine.

Thanks GC for picking me as artist of the Month . Check out my album on iTunes and give us a like on our page . GOIN DEEEP

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