Artist of the Month

On a monthly basis, spotlights a Georgia artist that we feel is furthering their career in country music. Below is our current artist of the month. We hope you enjoy reading their interview and getting to know this artist more. Be sure to check out their music, videos and schedule for the month. If you are a Georgia-based artist, 18 and over, and would like to be considered for Artist of the Month, please contact us with your name and a website to review.

Our August Artist of the Month is Rex Norton. Below is our interview with him as he talks about his music and career.

GC: Rex, lets get everyone familiar with you. Where were you born, grew up and a little about your family today?

RN: I was born in Athens, Georgia. I grew up in the small town of Royston, Georgia. I come from a family with strong roots and rich heritage in music.

GC: What or who were your earliest influences in country music?

RN: George Strait deeply influenced my love for country music. Growing up my dad listened to artists such as Merle Haggard, George Jones, Alabama, The Eagles, and many more.

GC: What or where was your earliest, biggest show?

RN: Growing up, weekly I would travel and sing with my grandparents in churches all across the south. As a teenager, I began to write songs. I moved to Nashville as a young adult to pursue my career in country music. I accepted invitations and performed at The Bluebird Cafe as well as many more popular venues in Nashville. My most recent show was back home in Athens, Georgia at the The Georgia Theatre. The most memorable shows in my career thus far have been performing to honor our troops.

GC: In your songwriting, what are your biggest influences?

RN: In writing a song, I like my listeners to hear and feel the meaning behind the lyrics.

GC: You have moved to Nashville. What would be your #1 advise to an artist thinking of moving to Music City?

RN: The #1 thing I would share to someone thinking of moving to Music City is to have a detailed plan of you goals and surround yourself with positive people who really care about helping you succeed and meet your goals.

GC: Obvious you're a George Strait fan. What would be the #1 thing you most admire about George?

RN: I admire how George has been so consistent in putting out so many number one songs.

GC: If you could do a show with anyone (alive or dead), who would that be and why?

RN: I would have to say George Strait! It would be a dream come true because of the legacy he has. He has paved the way for myself and so many other artists. I have such a love for his raw, unique and non wavering style.

GC: What has been your biggest accomplishment in the past year?

RN: I have recorded and released many new songs, but the greatest accomplishment in the last year was to be able to release my first major music video.

GC: Do you have any thoughts about the constant debate about "today's country" and "traditional country"?

RN: I have no debate. I obviously love and appreciate traditional country music. We all have our own unique and different styles.

GC: What are your plans for the rest of 2015?

RN: I will be releasing more new music throughout the rest of the year, playing some shows, and as always...a lot of songwriting!