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Our October Artist of the Month is Lance Stinson. Please read his interview with GC's LaTania Wright below

Lance Stinson is a Georgia artist that had to put music on the back burner for a while, but now is ready to jump back in the game. Just like the good ole' country boy he is; he's leaving the gates with nothing but "Taillights and Dust".

According to's Top 40 chart; Lance's single "Taillights and Dust" reigned at #1 for 4 weeks! It was in the top 10 for 14 weeks of the 18 weeks total that it was in the Top 40 countdown. Since its submission in May, it debuted on the Top 40 Countdown on This chart is the premier Internet radio show that features the Top 40 New Country Artist on a weekly basis. The radio show has listeners all around the world, reaching over 110 countries. That is Countries, not Counties y'all!

According to the host of the radio show Iceman, "Lance is one of the good guys in this business. He has worked hard, paid his dues, and is destined to be a top player." Lance's latest single, "Whiskey" is at already at #25(9-29-14), after it's 2nd week of debuting on the charts. The first week of submission, "Whiskey", debuted at #30! According to Iceman, this is not an easy feat. The charts are not just fan based voting. A unique formula has been created that generates the best of best according all realms of social media, based on listeners all around the world. If someone gets into the top 40 in this countdown, "it is because they have earned it; It's hard enough for an artist to get into the 250-300 picks a week, but then narrowed down to the top 40... You have to be good."

This single was written by Mindy Ellis Campbell, old Craig Campbell's wife who is talented in her own. Lance's fist single that many of you may have heard was "Hold my Beer" written by Luke Bryan and Gailin Griffin back in the day. Yes, Luke Bryan, that Luke Bryan. "Hold My Beer" is a comical, but a very real saying that almost every single one of us rednecks have said before doing something, let's just call innovative (or dumb). "Hold My Beer" never really had a chance to chart before Lance had to hang up his hat in Nashville, for a bit. Thus, the title of this article, "Been There, Done That, but Coming Back".

Because Lance is no stranger to Nashville, he actually had to walk away from a development deal and being on tour and opening for too many National Acts to mention. There is a link to his website at the end of this article for all the details.

On his way back to the top there are a few things that Lance will do differently this time around. One of the questions that he is asked mostly by people who know where he has been is "what do I need to do to make it?" Lance does not claim in any way to have all the answers, but he can give you a generalization of what not to do. Not to quote Lance, but to summarize, bands need to be approachable to their fans and do the radio station interviews you may or may not want to do. The radio stations play your songs and your fans come to your shows. Without those, you will never make it. But he can be quoted to say "don't sign anything without having an entertainment attorney look at it first." Great advice Lance!

Currently Lance is working on an album that is being produced by Tom Drennon, Darryl Worley's drummer. Lance met Tom while opening up for Darryl Worley at the Atlanta Motor Speedway some years ago. This time, Lance is writing or co-writing the majority of the songs on his album. Lance said "Some of the songs I get pitched are perfectly good songs, some are great songs, just not for me". Lance is still friends with Craig Campbell, Tyler Farr, and many of the chart toppers that are "making it" today. When asked, how do you feel when you see all of your peers being where you could be? This good ole' country boy says that he is proud of his buddies' accomplishments and is not envious in the least. He knows first hand what it takes to make it and Lance said, "Craig Campbell, and all those guys have worked their tails off to get where they are. I am proud of them,what they are doing, and where they are going."

Even though Lance's name has not been "in lights" in Nashville,that does not mean he has not been working. His name was "in lights" at Bristol Motor Speedway where he performed in August. He's just taking his time and doing it right. For a list of shows or anything else you want to know about Lance, visit

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