Artist of the Month

On a monthly basis, spotlights a Georgia artist that we feel is furthering their career in country music. Below is our current artist of the month. We hope you enjoy reading their interview and getting to know this artist more. Be sure to check out their music, videos and schedule for the month. If you are a Georgia-based artist, 18 and over, and would like to be considered for Artist of the Month, please contact us with your name and a website to review.

Our August 2014 Artist of the Month, is Ashlie Rae.

GC: Ashlie, lets get Georgia familiar with you. Tell us where you were born and raised and a little about your family.

AR: I was born in North Carolina, but was mainly raised in South Carolina. I have two sisters and one brother. I grew up in a musical family, as my Dad is a drummer, and both of my sisters also sing. Needless to say there was never a dull moment in my household!

GC: Which singers were an inspiration to you at an early age?

AR: I've always been drawn to more powerful, "belchy" voices like Reba McEntire, Christina Agulairia, and Patsy Cline.

GC: What was your earliest performance before an audience, other than your family at home.

AR: I was blessed to get chosen to attend a performing arts school every Thursday in Elementary school. They would pick us up with a bus and take is back to school at the end of the day. They announced that they were having after school auditions for they musical Annie. I was already bit by the performing bug so I jumped all in.

GC: You have had a band for the last several years. Take us around the band and tell us their roles.

AR: Currently my band members include Kyle Pitts (guitar), Corey Forsyth (bass guitar) , and my father Ray Cupp "Big Play Ray" (drums).

GC: What current acts influence your style on stage?

AR: I think Miranda Lambert has the best strong, fun, girl power, bad to The bone attitude and I love that kind of style! She's amazing!

GC: You and your band play often. What is your favorite place to play and why?

AR: I don't think I'd be able to narrow it down to one. Recently we performed at Outlaws in Columbus, GA and it was a blast! Great crowd, great atmosphere, and a GREAT time! We can't wait to go back!

GC: What cd are you currently listening to?

AR: The real question is what am I not listening to! Anyone that knows me can testify that I love a very WIDE range of musical genres! I can't pick just one! I'm on music overload 23/7.

GC: If you could have just ONE wish for your career, what would that be?

AR: I can't deny that I wouldn't love to be famous for doing what I truly think I was put on this earth to do; however, when I perform anywhere whether it be a huge, or minor performance, people come up to me and tell me how I've personally touched their life and brightened their day. There is no greater reward than that. It's weird to think they're getting the gift when I feel like I am.

GC: If you could open up for a major act, who would that be and why?

AR: I know I've gushed about her once already but my top pick would be Miranda Lambert. I would most definitely settle for The Pistol Annie's too!

GC: What plans do you have for the rest of the year?

AR: I am continuing to play here, there and everywhere. Writing more songs and material is number one on the list. I recently purchased a pink guitar and am learning how to play! I hope to mater that very soon!