Artist of the Month

On a monthly basis, spotlights a Georgia artist that we feel is furthering their career in country music. Below is our current artist of the month. We hope you enjoy reading their interview and getting to know this artist more. Be sure to check out their music, videos and schedule for the month. If you are a Georgia-based artist, 18 and over, and would like to be considered for Artist of the Month, please contact us with your name and a website to review.

Our March Artist of the Month is Justin Spivey. Read his interview below as GC catches up with him and discuss his career. Then check out his music in videos at bottom of page.

GC: Justin, lets get Georgia familiar with you. Where were you born, raised and a little bit about your family today?

JS: I was born in Douglas. Ga, raised in Axson, Ga.

GC: Who were your earliest influences in country music and why?

JS: George Jones, Alan Jackson, Hank Williams, loved their outlaw view on life and music.

GC: Was there a single moment that you KNEW you wanted to pursue a career in country music?

JS: After my first full band show.

GC: What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far?

JS: I got to open for Mark Chessnut.

GC: You have a band. What would you say is the toughest thing about having a band?

JS: When we have to stop playing at the end of the night.

GC: What is your favorite place to play and why?

JS: In ga, it would be LL Creek in Waycross. it is always full of friends and it is fun laid back venue.

GC: Country music has many different styles. What style do you call yours?

JS: Outlaw country.

GC: What NEW country acts do you listen to the most?

JS: Luke Combs & Jason Aldean.

GC: If you could go on TOUR with just one act, who would that be and why?

JS: Jason Aldean, I love his voice and style and can relate to every song he sings.

GC: What plans do you have for the rest of 2019?

JS: To keep doing what I love which is playing my music, continue to build a bigger fan base and eventually take it to the next level.