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The 2016 Georgia Country Awards are the "CMAs" of Georgia. We honor the best in Country Music in Georgia in similar categories. Best Male Singer, Female Singer, Duo, Group or Band. Teen Artist, Traditional Artist (can be male, female or band). We also honor the industry with having Best Country Bar, Best Music venues, Best Concert venues, Best Country Dance Venue, Best Country Radio station and Best National artist.

The Georgia Country Awards online voting last THREE rounds, starting June 1st at noon. Each round last approx 6 weeks. The 1st round is the Nomination round. Artist are nominated by the Georgia Country Awards staff and also write in nominations. During the month of June, additional artist can be added to the ballot upon passing qualification.

The ballot will consist of Male, Female, Duo, Group or Band and Traditional Artist of the Year.

Definitions of each category is as follows: Male & Female = Any artist over 18 by June 1st. Any artist that is BASED in Georgia and plays at least 50% of their shows IN Georgia. (Note: An artist CAN have a part time residence in Nashville, but HAS to play at least 75% of their shows in Georgia and prove that they still reside in Georgia as well. Any artist that lives in Nashville FULL TIME is not qualified). Duo, Group or Band = same as above. Any artist that is named NOT after the front singer of the group. Example. If Bobby Smith has a band yet goes by "The Bobby Smith Band", he still would be in the MALE category NOT the Band category. This category is reserved for bands with names like "Chattahoochee Rose" "Southern Lightning" "Dixie Dolls",,, etc. Traditional Artist of the Year = Any act that plays mostly classic or traditional country or has more of a traditional country sound. NOTE: Even though we do have a Teen Artist of the Year, Teen artist are not included on the ballot. Reasons: This category is much more fluid than the other artist category with changes often. Our six finalist for Teen Artist of the Year will be announced at the start of the final round.

The above categories will be voted on with a combination of fan votes and voting from the GC Awards panel, consisting of Georgia music industry leaders such as artist and venue management. songwriters, entertainment groups, etc. Voting from both sides are split 50/50 to assure that most worthy of nominees move on to the next round and eventually win.

Other qualifications for all nominees: Each artist must appear to be a serious artist, meaning, they either have a website, Facebook music, Reverbnation or like page for their music. They must be playing regular shows on a regular basis. All nominees MUST call themselves a "country artist". They can play other genre's in their shows, but the majority of their music is country. We do NOT accept variety or "party" bands, etc. Also, if at any time during the voting rounds, if an artist CHANGES and no longer fit the qualifications, they will be disqualified. Also, The GC Awards is highly regarded thus all nominees must act in a professional manner at all times, on or offline. If at any time, if any artist is found to not best represent themselves, country music or Georgia, they will be disqualified.

VOTING: Voting will start at NOON on June 2nd. There are THREE ROUNDS,,, Nomination, Semi and then Final Round. Each round last 6 weeks. Voting will be held on the ballot that will be posted below on June 2nd. Anyone can vote from any device such as pc, smart phone, tablet, etc, but only ONE vote per IP Address. Example. If your HOME pc has a different IPA than your WORK pc, you can vote twice. Same with your other devices. Note: If at any time, if there is any proof of vote cheating by any artist, that artist will be disqualified.

If you have any questions to any of the above, please email us at