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The 2015 Georgia Country Awards are the "CMAs" of Georgia. We honor the best in Country Music in Georgia in similar categories. Best Male Singer, Female Singer, Duo, Group or Band. Teen Artist, Traditional Artist (can be male, female or band). We also honor the industry with having Best Country Bar, Best Music venues, Best Concert venues, Best Country Dance Venue, Best Country Radio station, Best National artist and more might be added.

The Georgia Country Awards will be held Sunday afternoon, November 8th at The Crazy Bull in Macon. Starting at 3pm


1. You must be a country music singer. You must CALL yourself a country artist. You can NOT be a "variety" band (that plays a little of everything). GC always researches every artist nominated and i.e. if that artist has a set list on a website of NON country songs (or non country rock)., or several videos of NON country music, that artist will NOT be accepted.

2. You must be BASED in Georgia and play most of your shows in Georgia. Several artist will list Nashville on their FB page or website. If you are now LIVING in Nashville, you can not be nominated. We feel by living in Nashville and the connections possibly made there, could give you an unfair advantage over true local acts in Georgia.

3. You must play at least 50% of your shows IN Georgia. We are fine with acts that play in neighboring states or make the occasional road trip, but our awards honor "local" acts. We feel once an artist is playing all around the south or nationally, that artist is now progressed beyond being a "local" artist.

4. You MUST be an active serious artist. This means you must have either a website, Reverbnation or Facebook Music page. You must be playing out regularly. You have to be able to prove this by having a calendar of upcoming shows. The only exception for this is for any artist that is in the process of recording demo or a cd and not performing in the immediate future. Thus, you'll need to show shows from the past twelve months. You can NOT be a singer that just sings at the local open mike once a week or at church every Sunday night. You MUST be a serious active artist.

5. These are the things that will disqualify any artist: A. If any artist signed a national recording, publishing or development deal. We feel such a deal could give that act an unfair advantage. (Note: The Georgia Country Awards' mission is to honor local artist but we hope by recognition from the awards, artist proceed in the progression of their careers. Once that happens, this opens up more visibility to other artist).

If at anytime during the nomination process, if any artist changes their situation and then no longer fit the criteria above, they will have to be removed from the ballot. This also applies during the voting process, which will end mid October.

the 2015 Georgia Country Awards is not JUST fan voted on. Your fan's voted count for only half of the points you receive. The GC Awards panel, of 4 people in the music business in Georgia (radio, recording, marketing), evaluate all artist's websites (how well done they are, etc), Social media (how active you are), originality (original songs, songwriting skills), stage presence (how well your shows are, marketability), how active playing (# of shows since Jan and # of shows on the books during voting rounds, any major events, opening for major acts, radio, media interviews, other awards, etc). This process was set up years ago to try to assure that the GC Awards honor the very best country acts in Georgia, in hoping that this will be just one stepping stone for them to achieve their goals.

On voting: Anyone can vote using a pc, tablet, smart phone, etc. There is only ONE VOTE per ISP address, or Internet service provider. If there are multiple devices using just ONE ISP, then only ONE vote can come from that ISP. If you feel you have NOT voted from your ISP but our ballot is not allowing you, you can WRITE IN your vote at

Below is the ballot for the SECOND ROUND of the 2015 Georgia Country Awards. All voting has been RESET. If you voted in the 1st round, you can do so again. Only ONE vote per DEVICE, meaning,,, pc, smart phone, tablet, work pc, etc. Voting will END on Sunday, Aug 23rd at NOON!!! Then, on Monday, Aug 24th, we'll announce the Final Six in each category. Where the winners will be announced at the 2015 Georgia Country Awards Show, November 8th at The Crazy Bull in Macon.

2015 Georgia Country Awards
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