Booking a Artist works with some of the best country music singers and bands in the state of Georgia. Our acts play a wide range of country music from classic country from the pre 90's, to 90's country and modern country. Most of our acts can also play some classic and modern rock as well. What they play is based on the event or venue and crowd they are playing to. All our acts are professional musicians that are easy to work with and give any audience a quality show that they are proud of. does NOT charge any event or venue to book any of our acts. The compensation is always negotiated for the artist to perform for event or venue, with any other "riders" that might be included, such as any travel cost, food, tab or any lodging. Each event is different and GC and our acts are very flexible in these negotiations.

By booking a GC artist, any venue or event receives: Posters for online promotions, MAILED posters (if requested) to the venue or event for display promotions, full promotions on the GC website (with a record 5 million plus hits / visits in 2019), and on GC Facebook, with over 7300 Likes and many related pages per the event or show.

If you are interested in booking any of our acts, please contact us by any of these means: Office (9am to 5PM, M-F) at 470-299-3901. Email: or on Facebook.