The 2021 Georgia Country Awards

The 2021 Georgia Country Awards will be held on Friday night, Nov 12th at The Crazy Bull in Macon.

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Below is the Nomination Application process for the 2021 Awards show. This is only for the ARTISTS, not the venues. And for the categories of Male, Female, (Duo, Group or Band) and Traditional Artist. No TEEN nominees taken at this time. If you want to be nominated, each singer or act (duo, group or band), must be able to AGREE with the following:

1. You are a Georgia based artist. Your music or personal page MUST show you LIVE or are from Georgia. If any artist has moved to Nashville, then then needs to still show that they perform at least 50% of their shows still in Georgia.

2. If you are duo, group or band, at least half the band MUST show you live or are from Georgia. If act has moved to Nashville, then needs to still show that the act performs at least 50% of their shows still in Georgia.

3. You MUST be a country artist or act first. Your music page on FB and or your website, must clearly state you are a country act first. Many acts perform songs from other genre, but you CALL yourself a country act to start with. Note: You can NOT be a "party" or "variety" band that just some of your music is country.

4. You MUST be performing OUT and often. This means you have "shows", "gigs', "paid performances". You can not be a singer that just sings at church on Sunday nights or at an open mic on Tuesday nights. You can not be a singer that just put out a cd, but hasn't performed in 2021 yet or has no shows booked (SHOWN on schedule). If you have had no performances in 2021 or show no booked shows, you will not qualify. Now, if you have bookings by June 1st and show on your schedule, you then would qualify on this rule.

If you AGREED to the four points above, you then are qualified for application. Each application must register below with a $20 registration fee. In past years, we did not have a registration fee, but with rising cost to manage the voting and then producing the show, this helps in this cost. Also, the $20 fee assures us you are serious about being a nominee. Once you register, we will receive your email address and will contact you back with a thank you. (Note: if your primary email address differs from the email attached to your payment, please email us at We will contact each applicant that we've received their registration at first with the email we have with registration and if no reply, we'll contact you via your Facebook page or another email. Every applicant will be reviewed to make sure they qualify. If the Georgia Country Awards Team has any questions about your application, you will be contacted. If any applicant does not MEET any of the above requirements, they will be disqualified and their fee will be refunded. If any applicant has any questions, you can contact us thru the Georgia Country Awards Facebook page, emailing us at or calling us M-F, 9 to 5 at 470-299-3901. (Please leave a message if needed).

To register, go to the below button below.