The Georgia Country Awards

The 2023 Georgia Country Awards will be held on Sunday night, Nov 12th at Southern Roots Tavern in McDonough.

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The following were the rules of the voting: The voting in the 1st round will start Wednesday, June 1st, 2023 at noon. You'll see the ballots below. This is the first round or "nomination round". If there is any act not on the ballot that a fan feels should be, please email your nomination in at If that act qualifies, they will be added. The period for adding any nomination will last for three weeks, ending on June 22nd. After that date, the ballot is locked. Voting for the 1st round will end at noon on Wednesday, July 13th.

Qualifications for artist for the awards: Every act must either be based IN Georgia. They must show this on their music page. They CAN be living in Nashville, but still has to be performing at least 50% of their shows IN Georgia still. They MUST call themselves a COUNTRY act first. They can say they play rock, etc,, but country music must be their main music they perform. For VENUES: Every venue HAS to book country music acts at least 50% of the time. Definition of Band of the Year and Traditional Artist of the Year is that band of the year nominees are any BAND that has a band name. This can not be for The Bobby Smith Band as the singer Bobby Smith would be under the Male category. And and band that is called Bobby Smith and the Dixie Catus Band, still Bobby Smith would get the nomination, not the band. Traditional Artist of the Year is any act, male, female or band that plays mostly traditional or classic country will qualify. Also, The GCA does not have a teen ballot. We've not had one in 10+ years. But will announce the teen artist of the year finalist in October.

The 2023 Georgia Country Awards was held on Sunday night, Nov 12th at Southern Roots Tavern in McDonough. The show was emceed by Matt Balridge. Below was the winners of the awards. (NOTE: The 2024 GCA will return to Southern Roots Tavern on Saturday night, Nov 9th).

Overall Artist of the Year - Country River Band

Male Artist of the Year - Lloyd Carter

Female Artist of the Year - Ashley Brooks

Band of the Year - Naturally Southern Band

Traditional Artist of the Year - Country River Band

Teen Artist of the Year - Johnathon Heilbroun

Country Bar of the Year - Kerrigan's Lounge

Country Dance Venue of the Year - Berrien County VFW

Small Venue of the Year - Berrien County VFW

Large Venue of the Year - Mercedes Benz Stadium - Atlanta

Radio Station of the Year - 92.9 FM - Valdosta

Review of the show: Performers - Teen showcase - Johnathon Heilbroun & Jenna Brooke, Solo acts - Gregg Erwin, Aspen Lee, Brian Gerrald & Laruen Ashley. Bands performing - Ashley Brooks Band, Rocky Creek Band, Southern Outlaw Band, Naturally Southern Band, Lloyd Carter Band & Kaleigh Courson Band.