The Atlanta Country Nights Just Dance Dance Off

The Atlanta Country Nights Just Dance Dance Off first round will be held Saturday night, Oct 16th, 2021 at Atlanta Dance in Marietta, Ga. This competition will be a social dance competition and as the name implies, we want couples to "just dance". Only Pro / Am and Am / Am couples can enter. The Am (amatuer) will be the dancer judged. He or she or couple, will be judged on their technique and footwork on the dance. Also, range of moves that fit the dance and showmanship will be judged. No lifts will be allowed and no prolong stops and dance (ie. in the two step) will be allowed. We want all couples to show flair but also just dance like you would at any social dance. Also, 50% of the dancer or couples grade will be from audience applause and support. We are not looking for gowns and heavy make up on the ladies. What the dancers wear will not have any bearing on the scoring. The only rule we have with dress is that all dancers must wear cowboy boots. Cowboy hats will be an option on all. There will be five dances during the competition with the songs lasting about 1.5 minutes each, a break to catch your breath and repositioning on the dance floor. The couples will dance the two step, west coast swing, east coast swing, night club two step and then the cha cha. The dance off will last only about 10 to 15 minutes around 9:30 during the night. Each couple will be expected to be at Atlanta Dance by 8:00 to check in. All couples are allowed to dance to warm up before the Dance Off. After the five dances, each couple will then be called out onto the floor for audience applause. Later that night, the field will be cut in half as the Semi finalist will be announced.

Deadline for entry will be Thursday night, Oct 14th at 6pm. There will be a $30 registration fee for all couples. There will be two nights of open entry, Oct 16th and Nov 6th. We will pick 2 or 3 couples from those nights, that will advance to the finals on Dec 4th. Any couple that doesnt get picked for the finals on Oct 16th, CAN re-enter for Nov There will be a $500 CASH prize for top couple. $150 to the 2nd place couple and trophy for 3rd place. (these prize packs MAY be upgraded if we pick up sponsors for the event or nights).

Just Dance Dance Off